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X Solar Smart Power Pack
X Solar Smart Power Pack
X Solar Smart Power Pack
X Solar Smart Power Pack
X Solar Smart Power Pack

X Solar Smart Power Pack

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AVAILABLE IN BLACK ONLY. This Solar Battery Charger comes with one USB output port and a USB to Micro USB cable, which you can use to connect to most smart phones of the time. You can also use it to charge those 5V USB compatible device, such as mp3 player and digital camera. Through your own mobile phone usb cable, you can charge your smartphone and tablets using this solar charger. In short, with this solar charger, you will never fear your device is out of juice, as long as it's 5V USB compatible device. Advantages solar powered charger:

  • Super shockproof, waterproof and dust proof 
  • With brightness LED emergency torch, it is energy save and high bright
  • With two USB outputs, can be charger two devices together.
  • With high quality mono-crystalline silicon solar panels, the conversion rate is higher.
  • With LED indicators, it is easier to control the power. 
  • With hung design, can be hung in your bag and charger your phone or the solar power bank anytime and anywhere. 
  • With power switch, it is convenient to control the power and more safe. 
  • With skid resistance design, it is more accord with human body tectonics.
  • With strong compatibility, can be charger 90% digital devices in the market
  • Solar & electric two ways powered, it is not only environmental but also save money and energy Specification solar powered charger: 

Brand Name: XSOLAR Smart Pack

Material: SiliconeUSB
Output : 5V 2*1A
Product weight:150G
Display: LED indicator
Certificate approval:CE,RoHS
Product protection:Short circuit, over-current, over-charging, over-discharging high temperature above -10~+80°C
Cycle life:over 5000 times mobile solar charger
Color black/blue black/yellow black/green green/black yellow/black solar powered charger using details:


Charging by: PC/AC charger/Car charger/ other USB socket
Charging time via PC: 1-3hours (output current at 800-1000mA)
Compatible for: Phone,Camera,PSP,MP3,Ect
Working Temperature: -10°C to +80°C solar powered charger



  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 Carabiner



  • High compatibility with 5V electronic devices.
  • IMD Technology for the shell, Innovative, Avoid scratching, Beautiful and Luxury.
  • LED digital display, quick look and accurate.
  • Multiple protection,Over current protection,Over voltage protection,Short protection,Over temperature
  • One control ,simple operation
  • High efficiency, and Lower static power
  • Long time standby, standard 500 circles at least
  • International Warranty period: 12 months solar powered charge


Using Warning:
1. Use the device according to the safety instruction. Failure to follow in instructions might lead to fire or damage to the devices.
2. Do not drop, short circuit, disassemble, or operate under high temperature conditions and water.
3. Please stop using it immediately, if the device or the battery swells or become malformed.
4. Please keep it out of the reach of children, intended for adult use only.

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